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Guangzhou Elong Animation Technology Co.,Ltd is a specialized company in the field of  entertainment equipments and software development. It is an integrating entity for the research, development, production, sales and service as a whole.


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Product Name:Colorful paradise
Product Model:PR-EL29103
Product power:1600W
Product size:Φ5500*H2550
Product weight:650kg
Colorful paradise
Product Name:Space flying chair
Product Model:RS-EL61029
Product power:4.2KW
Product size:Φ7500*3500m
Product weight:2000kg
Space flying chair
Product Name:Spaceship
Product Model:RS-E10131
Product power:4KW
Product size:11*11*5M
Product weight:2000kg
Product Name:Automatic control of spacecraft
Product Model:EL-RS10123
Product power:30000W
Product size:17000*17000*8350mm
Product weight:6000kg
Automatic control of spacecraft
Product Name:Mini Panda roller Coaster
Product Model:EL-RS91008
Product power:17kw
Product size:21000*12000*2700
Product weight:4000kg
Mini Panda roller Coaster
Product Name:Fat Tony
Product Model:KR-EL16025
Product power:250W
Product size:1200*1200*1350
Product weight:120kg
Fat Tony
Product Name:Floor Bumper Car
Product Model:BC-El20108Floor type
Product power:380V、230W
Product size:L1900*W1200*H950mm
Product weight:220kg
Floor Bumper Car
Product Name:Forest paradise
Product Model:RS-EL82004
Product size:L4500*W3800*H2600
Forest paradise
Product Name: Floor Bumper
Product Model:BC-EL40047
Product power:Voltage: 380V Output: 48V 、230W
Product size:L1900*W1200*H950mm
Product weight:220kg
Floor Bumper
Product Name:Floor bumper
Product Model:BC-EL40046
Product power:Voltage: 380V Output: 48V、230W
Product size:L1900*W1200*H950mm
Product weight: 220kg
Floor bumper
Product Name:Octopus Prince
Product Model:KR-EL48009
Product power:180W MP4
Product size:1200*600*1200
Product weight:60kg
Octopus Prince
Product Name:F7 Racing Car
Product Model:KR-EL48008
Product power:180W MP4
Product size:1200*600*1200
Product weight:60kg
F7 Racing Car
Product Name:Calf Ranch
Product Model:RS-EL45105
Product power:220V、400W
Product size:Φ2000*H1500
Calf Ranch
Product Name:Double deck Deluxe Caeousel
Product Model:EL-RS87001
Product power:220V/110V、800W
Product size:φ3400*1700
Product weight:200Kg
Double deck Deluxe Caeousel
Product Name:Elephant train
Product Model:RS-EL58008
Product power:2000W,110V/220V
Product size:40M
Elephant train
Product Name:Undersea world train
Product Model:RS-EL58007
Product power:2000W,110V/220V
Product size:40M
Undersea world train
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